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now offering new ways to pay

To provide more flexibility with payment options, we are pleased to be offering more ways you can pay for your holistic health consulting services.

We now accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards, as well as cash, cheques, and email money transfers.

Please contact us, we would Love to hear from you.

happy healing.


Self-Care, letting go with faith that there is more.

The other day I was going through some cupboards and realizing I had a lot of things at the back of my pantry. Some of these items I have had for quite a while, I mean quite a while. I took a deep breath and then I asked myself: “Why am I holding onto them, rather than using them?” Another deep breath: “Aha!” And then it became clear to me, I am saving them.

But what am I saving them for?

I have noticed this characteristic more in people who have experienced ‘not enough’, but then again accumulating is something our culture seems to place value on. Regardless of the reason, perhaps you too have some dark corners in your pantry or closets where you may be accumulating and/or stagnating a bit.

Accumulating things that I am hesitant to use has led me to question myself: Is right now not a good-enough time to use the things I have? The answer to this question for me, is that now is a good enough time, and I do not need to accumulate things. It is safe for me to use what I have now. It is safe to use what I have now, joyfully! There is always more for me. I am noticing when we take excellent care of now, the future feels brighter, more joyful and secure.

So to anyone who is looking to clear their space, and or bring more ease into their lives maybe give this affirmation and pantry/closet clearing activity a whirl.

Today’s hhc affirmation: There will always be opportunities for me. It is safe to use and share what I have. I release. I relax. I let go. There is always more for me.

Pain: Management & Messages

Enduring pain burns a lot of energy; energy that the body can’t then use for healing the underlying imbalance. Managing symptoms can be an important part of holistic health care, though the purpose of the symptom management must remain clear.

Relieving pain with medication can free up some energy to engage in the integral inquiry into the underlying imbalance that is causing the pain.

There are risks with only masking pain and ignoring, or failing to value, the underlying causal imbalance, strictly numbing pain is rarely curative.

One danger of ‘missing the message’ is the body may send a stronger pain message or a new symptom. If we ignore the body’s whispers they may become shouts. If the underlying imbalance causing pain is not addressed, the pain is likely to not disappear completely, and to return as soon as the medication wears off.

Another risk of medication, as the only approach for pain management, is that if our pain does not heal its underlying imbalance quickly, our body adapts to the new medication stimulus, and we often end up needing progressively more medication to manage our pain. Progressively more medication can tax our body’s ability to safely detoxify and may strain the organs, such as the liver and kidneys.

While there are surely merits to managing symptoms and pain hhc encourages you to consider also what your body may be trying to tell you with its ‘pain message’.

Sometimes making an opportunity to get quiet with yourself, focusing on slow, deep, mindful-breaths, may be enough to get in touch with what is going on in your body. Your body’s message may come to you, loud and clear; you may require more rest, more movement, or perhaps more opportunity for creative expression.

If slowing down and checking in with yourself is something you have practiced and you are still having symptoms, or if you feel no closer to understanding them, or if you have had a long history of symptoms and/or chronic pain, you may be interested in booking a session with one of hhc’s Holistic Health Consultants, who may assist you with interpreting your body’s messages.

hhc consultants can also support you with customizing your holistic approach to health including non-medicinal approaches, holistic health practitioner referrals, as well as tools and guidance to help you get connected with your inner-most self.

Live for Love

While i was out in the community today I saw a woman wearing a t-shirt that had three small words on it,  with a very big message.

Her shirt said:  Live for Love.

I am so moved by this message and how simply it found me today. It is amazing to me that when I welcome love, in all its forms, I am rewarded richly. Love is everywhere. And that is awesome because as it turns out, I live for love too.


Energy Medicine Lecture – February 13, 2012

hhc is pleased to announce that on February 13th, 2012 from 1900-2130, Dr. John Veltheim is speaking at the Rosedale Hotel, in Vancouver.  Dr. Veltheim will be giving a public lecture to explain his developments in the science and practicality of applied energy medicine.

hhc is attending this event and encourages you to consider attending.  Dr. Veltheim’s lecture on energy medicine may challenge the way you look at health, and provide information on how health care is being redefined.  While physical medicine, including surgery and drugs, are incredibly useful, the current health care crisis urges us to expand our understanding of the deeper energetic functions of the body that occur, at the cellular level.

The work that Dr. Veltheim does is compatible with TraskE healing method, and other holistic healing services provided by hhc. In fact, some of the bio-feedback techniques used and taught by Dr. Veltheim are used in the TraskE healing method.

Tickets are $20 at the door, while they last. The Rosedale on Robson Suite Hotel is located at 838 Hamilton Street @ Robson in Vancouver, BC.

New Temporary Clinic Space

holistic health consulting is pleased to announce that we have moved into gorgeous temporary clinic space, located at 6th and Hemlock, in Vancouver, while we await our permanent inter-diciplinary clinic space.


For Your Convenience

Holistic Health Consulting is pleased to announce that soon we will be providing more options for method of payment.

For your convenience we will soon be offering Visa, Mastercard, and Debit as methods of payment.