holistic health consulting is a love-based business.

Photo credit: Julie King Photography

Photo credit: Julie King Photography

We believe love is for everyone. Love is real, and it is limitless.

We believe that Love grows as it is shared authentically.

We believe there is a place for Love in all interactions.

We believe Love is the most powerful force.

We believe Love helps nourish and heal.


The mandate of holistic health consulting is to support people to pursue their empowered and unique healing journeys.

We intend to help people help themselves open to feeling as Loved and Lovable as they are. 

In order to attain this mission we shall focus our attention on the following objectives:

  • We intend to support our clients to be empowered and accountable as they participate in their healing journey with a holistic approach.  We intend to engage clients who are accountable for their health and healing journey.
  • We intend to provide information, resources, support, and healing modalities that respect each client as a whole person; physical, mental, and metaphysical.  We intend that our clients actively participate in their health by seeking understanding, information, and resources that support them to make empowered, educated decisions about their health. We expect that our clients will take action to promote their own health with the resources and information they access.
  • We intend to create secure, respectful employment that supports our personnel with their holistic wellness and work-life balance.
  • We intend to support diversity in the pursuit of wellness by maintaining a philosophy of inclusion as we find and integrate different ways that work. We are committed to advancing our body of knowledge and evolving our practice to include more integrated and holistic philosophies of wellness.
  • We intend to demonstrate corporate conscience by being a business that demonstrates ethically and environmentally conscientious practices. We intend to engage in commerce with other businesses that demonstrate ethically, and environmentally sound business practices, and where feasible, prioritize local business patronage as part of our commitment to corporate conscientiousness.
  • We honour our diverse and interdisciplinary network of practitioners, including the client’s western medicine team, and we intend that each member of our team honours each other’s specialized body of knowledge and, where appropriate, engages in collaboration – working to support both traditional and conventional western medicine

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photo credit: Jet Harrington | scatterbeams.com

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