Pay what you can, by donation

For the whole month of April 2020, I am offering distance healing sessions on a pay what you can, by donation basis. 

I am aware that lots of people are facing new and very challenging changes. They may really benefit from some support, and yet they may not have the same income that they usually do.

Please do not let finances get in the way of you reaching for, and receiving support.

Following our distance session you can e-transfer me what you can, or process a credit card payment via Square, over the phone, and if cash isn’t what you have available right now, maybe you have an abundance of something else, like maybe garden veggies, herbs, garlic, fruit, eggies, maybe you raise animals, or hunt, and have lots of meat, maybe you make soaps or lotions, maybe you create home canned preserves, maybe you have lots of beer, wine, or something else you can barter with, in exchange for your healing session. We can also do partial payments of cash, and barter if that is what is Light.

I am inviting anyone for whom it is Light to work with me, by phone/distance, to reach out and let me know they are interested.

Please email, or call/text my mobile 778.928.6423, and we can find a time, and connect about payment and/or what/how we might like to arrange some creative bartering.

This offer is available for all new, and returning clients, for all distance  Traske healing method healing sessions.

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