Speaking Engagements & Workshops

We at holistic health consulting are impassioned about sharing our love-based, empowered healing message!

We appreciate the value of ‘sneaky’ learning, where the information is shared in a dynamic and entertaining way. This commitment to delivering profound messages with levity led us to the term edutainment.

We have developed workshops and presentations for specialized health care teams, such as the esteemed Association of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Nurses, meeting continuing education requirements, and sharing messages about sustainable front line practice strategies, informed by healthy tools for self-care, and new perspectives on self-nourishing in the work place.

We have enjoyed engaging Registered Massage Therapist practitioners, instructors, and students in seminars and presentations designed to promote sustainable joy, and wellness clinical practice.

We have presented conflict resolving, and performance enhancing edutainment seminars to diverse participants from event management teams to competitive athletes.

Our engaging seminars:

  • Promote healthy self-care culture in the workplace (healthier employees have higher sales, decreased sick-time, improved productivity, and a reduction in errors and work-related injuries)
  • Support caregivers find self-care tools and resources, manage stress and avoid burnout
  • Inspire students to seek work-life balance, and prioritize health, while maintaining academic excellence
  • Accelerate achievement and support sustainable high-performance

From small, active workshop settings, to a keynote presentation at your event, we can cater to your audiences objectives and learning styles, please contact us to initiate our collaboration.

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