If you are searching for an energy healer of utmost integrity, giftedness and intelligence, seek no further, as you have found her! I was blessed to have a two hour session with Elizabeth that was truly transformative. She entered into a dialogue with my body, modelling for me how to attune myself to its needs. With her extensive knowledge of the body, she targeted specific organs and systems needing help, channeling the highest energies to them. Most importantly, she addressed false beliefs I carried that were the source of imbalances and took me through a process of becoming aware of, then releasing them. Throughout, she took her cues from me as to my priorities, needs and desires. Elizabeth is a respectful, creative, compassionate healer who works collaboratively with each individual, their body and world view, serving as a channel for the highest, most powerful healing forces of Creation. Her extensive tool kit of healing strategies allows her to match interventions suitable to each individual. As a therapist myself, I appreciate her unique style of working, her giftedness and her commitment to walking her talk with continuous personal growth and self-care. Give yourself the gift of working with her to free yourself of burdens you are not meant to carry! M. T. Adler, MSW, DVATI

What I noticed the most with receiving treatments is a change in my perspective, on everything, and my ability to change something negative, into something positive. I am now able to separate myself from my immediate feelings/reaction patterns, and see things from a greater view. The tools that Elizabeth has provided me along with treatment has made me forever grateful!  Even during the assessment discussions, before the balancing part of the session, I find myself putting pieces together, which in turn facilitates my healing. Overall, I find that since I’ve been seeing Elizabeth, everyday afterwards seems to have a new “ahaaa!” moment, which wasn’t happening before my treatments. It feels quite refreshing to have these moments where I feel myself becoming whole. I also find that I work better with people, and feel more compassion, now that I understand myself better.  Everyone can use a little TraskE healing in their lives; you don’t know what you are holding onto until you’re given the tools for letting go! Linda Warren, RMT

Elizabeth’s professional demeanor frees me of the defenses that I put in the outside world. I trust Elizabeth wholly and unconditionally. That is not easy for me; I can count the number of people I feel this way about on one hand. I believe that if you are reading this, then you are ready. I would recommend it to you. Elizabeth helped me realize I am worthy. Steven Campbell

I would recommend it to anyone who isn’t feeling as motivated or happy with their lives, and is looking for a way to change their life. I would also recommend this work to anyone with chronic pain your pain may be caused by feelings, and not a dysfunction in your body. Really, it would be good for anyone: Healing is something we all deserve to do for ourselves.  Kirsten Spouler, RMT

I sought Elizabeth to help me through a very difficult time emotionally; there were a lot of difficult and potentially traumatic decisions I needed to make at the time. After my treatment I felt I was better equipped emotionally and mentally to make these decisions. I feel as though my mind and heart were able to connect better somehow. I felt as if the negative energy that was clogging my thoughts was released. I felt like I was facing a mirror and was able to clearly identify my own thoughts and feelings that were not clear before. I would, and do, recommend Elizabeth’s treatments. I recommend her to anyone who is open to allowing themselves the opportunity to reach a higher level of health; physically, mentally, or emotionally. Elizabeth’s work is profound, comprehensive, and permanent.  Brigitte Thompson, BScN, RN

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