TraskE healing method

TraskE healing method is an interactive form of holistic healing, ideal for any person who is willing to be an empowered, active participant in his/her health and healing. Please be prepared to have homework following each session. Examples of homework may include going for a walk, drinking more water, affirmations, a supplement suggestion, or creative writing exercises.

If you are unsure of which services are for you, please contact us and we can book a consultation.

TraskE healing method, energy session: what to anticipate
While the focus of aligning with Love remains constant, the specific techniques employed in each healing session will vary between individuals, and even between sessions for the same individual.
As each session is highly individualized to best suit the needs of each situation, how a person feels in response may also be different each time.
For some examples of what some people experience, please visit our testimonials page. This healing may be done in person, or by distance over the phone. The general format will often be structured as follows:

The practitioner will first determine any changes from the baseline assessment, via a conversation-style assessment in which the practitioner will inquire as to your experience of wellness and healing.

Together, you will then explore the mind-body connection as it pertains to the your specific goals and needs, which may include the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual well being.

At this point, with your permission, a variety of techniques may be engaged, such as: therapeutic discussion, positive affirmations, engagement of healing frequencies, breathing techniques, tapping techniques, and bio-feedback techniques. Through these techniques, we will integrate our philosophy of care, often providing alternate perspectives on health and healing, with opportunity for catered Client-specific discussion.

After the session, there will be an opportunity to share your experience, ask questions, and receive recommendations and/or homework based on the insight gained during the session.

Duration: Varies greatly, depending on what the client is working on.

Fee: $150.00 per hour

Note: If you are interested in working with us and fees are your barrier, please send us an email letting us know your circumstances, as bursaries are available on a case by case basis. And please ask us about our clinic days and events done by donation.

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