Alliance of Light

Some time back I was asked to step forward and offer guided prayers to build community and fortify the infrastructures of Light and our beautiful planet.

A group of wonderful people stepped up to form the Alliance of Light and we gather on zoom twice monthly to pray together, and also we pray offline, simultaneously, every Monday at 08:00am Pacific and 1:00pm Pacific.

Whenever you would like to participate in the Alliance of Light prayers live, via Zoom they happen on:

The first Wednesday of each month, at 09:00am Pacific


The third Thursday of each month, at 4:00pm Pacific

see link for your local time  (

The format is the zoom room opens a little while ahead of the prayer, and it usually opens to a welcome screen that invites silent personal contemplation/prayer. At the top of the hour I turn my camera on, offer a welcome, and review the format.

Alliance of Light development circle Format:

1) Welcome

2) a) Guided prayer

b) Silence, open receptivity

c) Prayer of Gratitude

3) Sharing, totally optional

This is a development circle. Each circle is a stand-along circle, and all the Alliance of Light circles are inter-connected and offer cumulative opportunities for development.

I offer a guided prayer, then an opportunity for silence and open receptivity, and then I offer a closing prayer of gratitude.

After the prayer, there is an opportunity for sharing if anyone desires to, and sometimes we just let the energies carry us into our days, enjoying the conditions, without sharing verbally.

The link remains the same for all of Alliance of Light sessions. If you retain this link you will be able to access the prayers.

Alliance of Light Zoom linky:

You can also type in this meeting ID, if you prefer:

Meeting ID: 837 9307 4472

The password is: love

You do not have to turn on your camera or interact if you don’t desire to, please feel free to participate in anyway that works for you, and of course, only if it is Light for you. 

If you prefer anonymity you may like to change your zoom name to something other than your name, as this chosen name appears in the zoom screen when the camera is on or off. 

With so much Love, Light, and appreciation,

Elizabeth Trask

And the Alliance of Light Planning Team

Healing Light Harmonics

Dear family, friends, and soul siblings,

Thank you so much for all the awesome feedback we are receiving of your experiences with Healing Light Harmonics. It is such a delight to learn of how your are engaging HLH and what it is contributing!

We are happy to invite you to join us for December’s Healing Light Harmonics, the last development circle of 2023. This is the last one we have scheduled!

Participants are welcome to join the live zoom calls, and if the timing of the call doesn’t align for you, or you would prefer to join via replay, we welcome you to join us however it works for you. 

Everyone who signs up to participate will receive a link to the recorded meditation replay to listen, and re-listen as often as you like for the remainder of the month. 

We have been receiving feedback that folks are enjoying the potent relaxation, contribution, and levity of the recorded meditations over and over. 

We are preparing our next session, on Thursday, December 7th, 2023, at 6:30pm-7:30pm Pacific. 

see link for your local time  (

This series is being offered by donation. We welcome you to e-transfer your donation to, or paypal to, and in the notes section of your chosen donation platform, please write HLH, and the email address you would like to receive the zoom links, and replay links emailed to.

Ahead of each monthly session, we will send out an email invitation to join us, like this one, and if you would like to participate in that month’s guided meditation, we welcome you to email your donation to, and write HLH in the notes or comments section of your chosen donation payment option

We welcome you, however it works for you, to join us.

Below please find the visuals for the event, followed by a detailed event description.


What is Healing Light Harmonics (HLH)?

Each monthly guided meditation is a stand alone online zoom development circle. Each session builds on the last, and each consecutive listen to each individual session, creates cumulative benefit.   

You do not need to have listened to any prior sessions to join this guided mediation session.

We created HLH to support people with integrating the unique energetic shifts and Light contributions available now.

In this unique time on Earth, where we are all rising to challenges personally and globally, we would like to offer an opportunity to cultivate tools for energetic hygiene, and deepen our connection to our breath, bodies, minds, spirits, and souls, and our beautiful sentient planet.

We can greatly benefit from the increased Light available in the biosphere presently, and practice alignments with the highest harmonics of Love and Light available to us. Together, in these mediations, we can choose to step into the continuous flow of unconditional Love, and open to integrate the multidimensional benefits this Love and Light brings.

As we moved through the first three series of HLH we have been growing, expanding and integrating more Light, and Love, and learning more about what possibilities are opening as we do. While the experiences have been diverse, many have shared growing ease breath, deep relaxation, improved quality of sleep (especially when listened to right before bedtime), healing and levity in the body, an expanding awareness of individual gifts, and a growing sense of being harmoniously interconnected with all of isness. 

What is included in the HLH circles? 

We cultivate a culture of gentleness and allowance, as we explore our unique experiences and share our desire to be open to the contributions we can receive, and be here, and now.

This circle offers us opportunities to practice the skills of being clear in our energetic intention; nurturing our desire to be aligned with the Harmonious Light energies, within the vessel of a guided meditation.

By practicing open receptivity, we are allowing the Healing Light frequencies to contribute to our personal healing and development, and collectively, we also contribute to the Earth, and the infrastructures of Light that surround it. 

Each session opens with a warm welcome and then dives into the guided meditation. A period of silence follows to allow for each of us to offer our unique desires, longings, and gratitude, and for individual alignment with one’s own aspects as well as developing our unique rapport with Source. 

During this silent time of open receptivity, there is opportunity for each individual to receive energetic nurturance, and release energetic discordances. A closing prayer of gratitude will be offered to close each meditation session. A brief opportunity for sharing personal experiences of the mediation will be offered every session. 

Each participant who joins us, and brings their sincere desires for alignment with the highest Healing Light Harmonic energies available, will be gifted many opportunities for healing, uplifting, development and contributions to be ministered by the many Beings of Light. 

You can join live, or via the replays

These series will be recorded, and the replay made available to anyone who signs up to attend, creating flexibility for folks who are not able to, or prefer not to attend the sessions live. Each replay link is viable for the remainder of the month, giving ample time to enjoy the recorded meditations, as often as you like, within the month.

How do you sign up, and participate?  

Two little steps:

1. Please send your donation via e-transfer, or PayPal to


2. Type HLH, and, include the email address that you would like to receive the zoom links, and replay links, in the notes/comments section of your donation payment

Once we receive your donation, with your email address in the notes section of the donation payment, your name and email will be added to the participant list for this session, and you will receive the zoom link the day of, and the replay link the day following the session. 

We welcome you to share this invitation with anyone you sense would be interested.

We welcome you to email for more information.

We are continuing to explore different formats, depths and integration offerings, and we welcome your insights and feedback anytime.  

Thank you so very kindly. We hope to see you online and/or via the replays. 

With Love, Light, and appreciation,

Elizabeth Trask, BScN, RN, 


October 28th, 2023

Happy Full Moon and lunar eclipse to each and all!

April 1-30 2020, pay what you can

In Light of the intensity and uncertainty we face, for the whole month of April, I am offering distance healing sessions, to nourish and uplift the people I serve. Rather than my usual hourly rate, these will be pay what you can, by donation sessions. 

I am inviting anyone for whom it is Light to work with me, by phone/distance, to reach out and let me know they are interested. 

I am aware that lots of people are facing new and very challenging changes. They may really benefit from some support, and yet they may not have the same income that they usually do. 

Please do not let finances be a barrier to you reaching out, and receiving support. 

For all of April, I am offering distance sessions on a pay what you can, by donation basis.

Following our distance session you can e-transfer me what you can, or process a credit cared payment, via Square, over the phone, and if money isn’t what you have available right now, maybe you have an abundance of something else, like maybe garden veggies, herbs, garlic, fruit, eggies, maybe you raise animals, or hunt, and have meat, maybe you make soaps or lotions, maybe you create home canned preserves, maybe you have lots of beer, wine, or something else you can barter with, in exchange for your healing session. 

This is available to new clients, as well as to all the beautiful people I have worked with before. If you know someone you sense could benefit from a distance healing session, and some uplifting nurturance, please feel free to share this message. Please email, or call/text me 778.928.6423, and we can find a time, and connect about payment and/or what/how we might like to arrange some creative bartering. 

Everything I receive in exchange for these sessions will be engaged in the creation of more consciousness, and in sharing the Truth that unconditional Love is real, and there is ample Love for everyone! 

I am joyfully anticipating this community experiment, in effect from the 1-30 of April 2020, and the opportunity to work with you in Light. 

March 9, 2020

Happy full moon in Virgo to everyone

December 25, 2019

Happy new moon in Capricorn.

And there is a Annular Solar Eclipse, at 6:29pm, PST, visible over E. Europe, Asia, NW Australia, E. Africa, Pacific, and the Indian Ocean.

December 11, 2019

Happy full moon in Gemini

November 26, 2019

Happy new moon in Sagittarius

November 12, 2019

Happy full moon in Taurus

October 27, 2019

Happy new moon in Scorpio