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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American express credit cards, as well as Cash and Cheques, And email money e-transfer.

What can the TraskE healing method energy work help with?

The TraskE healing method energy work has had great success working with:

– illnesses, such as cancer, depression, flu and cold

– chronic physical problems, such as fatigue, digestive problems including bloating, and IBS, headaches, migraines, allergies, and chronic pain

-skin irritation or rashes, skin sores, eczema

– injuries, including “reoccurring” injuries, such as broken limbs, sore muscles, burns, back pain, joint pain

– emotional issues, such as interpersonal relations, self-esteem, body-image imbalances, depression, residual trauma, and stress

– personal development, goal-setting

– successful event planning, such as weddings, exams, presentations or meetings.

How do you know if Traske healing method services are right for you?

If you feel drawn to it, then this work is likely a good fit for you. We suggest thinking about it and noticing how you feel when you think about it: if it feels like a good idea, it may be time to call to make an appointment. Perhaps consider perusing our Testimonial section on the website and see if you are further drawn to this work. If you are, we look forward to working with you. Please contact us.

What does TraskE healing method energy work feel like?

Though, TraskE healing method energy work is experienced differently by everyone there are commonalities in what people report experiencing. Frequently reported are: sensations of warmth, mild or moderate pressure, tingling, pulsing sensations, visual images, colours, shapes or symbols as they lay with their eyes closed on the massage table. TraskE healing is generally reported as relaxing; calming to the emotions and mind. Many people report deep relaxation including relaxing muscles, and a feeling of emotional buoyancy.

What is the format for a TraskE healing method session in the clinic setting?

The session begins with a brief discussion and assessment. The assessment is often followed by which ever form of energy work has been agreed upon by the client and practitioner. For example: If a silent energy session was selected the assessment would be followed by a no-touch healing session, where the patient is comfortably laying face up on a massage table. After the silent energy work there is an opportunity for the client to share about their experience on the table. There will be an opportunity after this energy session for the client to share about their experience, ask questions, and receive homework based on the insight gained during the session. If requested by the client, the practitioner can share his or her impressions, insights and interpretations of the healing session as well.

Do I need to disrobe for TraskE healing method?

No, Please come fully clothed for all TraskE healing method sessions.

What is best to wear when coming in for a TraskE healing method appointment?

Any Session: We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing. Many people in their deep state of relaxation during sessions find that they get a little chilly. I would recommend that you bring layers to dress warmly while you are in session. For the TraskE Re-Alignment session: It is best to wear fitted, layers of clothing so that the Practitioner can still see all the points for the Re-Alignment.

What if I live far away, or have a challenging time leaving my home to make an appointment at the clinic?

Many TraskE healing method services can be offered by distance as well as in the clinic setting.

What does a TraskE healing method session look like, by distance?

The process starts by contacting Elizabeth Trask hhctraske@gmail.com and booking a date and time that is mutually optimal.  It is ideal to prioritize booking your session for a time when you can be relaxed, not driving, or highly stimulated (eg.watching an intense movie), during the session time.

On the day of your session:
Elizabeth will call you at the time of your session, let you know that she is ready to begin, and then engage in frequencies and support healing using the TraskE healing method. For more information please feel free to peruse the TraskE healing method page and contact us with your inquiries.

When the session is complete, Elizabeth will tabulate the duration and then call you for debriefing, and to complete billing.  If you like, Elizabeth can share what came up during your session, as well as any insights or interpretations she may have, and if you are drawn to share about your experience, there will be opportunity for that as well.

Every person’s pace of session is unique, though the average time for this distance process is about 1-2 hours per session.

Post-session follow-up: We like to make an opportunity for post-session follow-up. We encourage you to contact us whenever you feel drawn to do so.

Is TraskE healing method covered under medical or extended services?

This service is not yet covered under medical or extended medical service plans in British Columbia. We can issue you a receipt for your services and you can still claim it, with all the other non-funded health expenses, on your taxes.

*If you have a question that has not been answered in this list, please navigate to the Connect page to share your query with us.

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