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April 1-30 2020, pay what you can

In Light of the intensity and uncertainty we face, for the whole month of April, I am offering distance healing sessions, to nourish and uplift the people I serve. Rather than my usual hourly rate, these will be pay what you can, by donation sessions. 

I am inviting anyone for whom it is Light to work with me, by phone/distance, to reach out and let me know they are interested. 

I am aware that lots of people are facing new and very challenging changes. They may really benefit from some support, and yet they may not have the same income that they usually do. 

Please do not let finances be a barrier to you reaching out, and receiving support. 

For all of April, I am offering distance sessions on a pay what you can, by donation basis.

Following our distance session you can e-transfer me what you can, or process a credit cared payment, via Square, over the phone, and if money isn’t what you have available right now, maybe you have an abundance of something else, like maybe garden veggies, herbs, garlic, fruit, eggies, maybe you raise animals, or hunt, and have meat, maybe you make soaps or lotions, maybe you create home canned preserves, maybe you have lots of beer, wine, or something else you can barter with, in exchange for your healing session. 

This is available to new clients, as well as to all the beautiful people I have worked with before. If you know someone you sense could benefit from a distance healing session, and some uplifting nurturance, please feel free to share this message. Please email, or call/text me 778.928.6423, and we can find a time, and connect about payment and/or what/how we might like to arrange some creative bartering. 

Everything I receive in exchange for these sessions will be engaged in the creation of more consciousness, and in sharing the Truth that unconditional Love is real, and there is ample Love for everyone! 

I am joyfully anticipating this community experiment, in effect from the 1-30 of April 2020, and the opportunity to work with you in Light. 

now offering new ways to pay

To provide more flexibility with payment options, we are pleased to be offering more ways you can pay for your holistic health consulting services.

We now accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards, as well as cash, cheques, and email money transfers.

Please contact us, we would Love to hear from you.

happy healing.


Summer 2014 Promotion

For the months of July and August 2014,

we are pleased to be offering a promotion to all new clients:

until August 31st, 2014 all new clients pay only $75.00 per hour

for any initial Traske healing method healing session.

Please contact us, we would Love to work with you.

happy healing.

Introducing: mini-maintenance healing sessions

Introducing the TraskE healing method, mini-maintenance sessions.

This promotion is available to all clients who have had an initial Traske healing method session. This promotion is designed to provide a little feel-good booster for in-between sessions.

Scheduling and budgeting has never been easier, these little bite-sized healing sessions are available by distance, in 15, 30 or 45 minute bookings.

15 minutes = $30

30 minutes = $55

45 minutes = $75

Please contact us with your questions, and to secure your booking.

**This promotion may not be combined with any other promotions or coupons.

For full promotion details please  click here

 happy healing.

July & August 2013 Promotion

We at holistic health consulting are joyfully welcoming summer!

To celebrate the beauty and bounty of nature, we are offering some bonus distance healing for your animal kin.

For the months of July & August 2013, all Traske healing method services will be discounted $25 per hour.


With every session booked in July & August 2013, we offer a complimentary, distance* Traske healing method session, for your pet.

This promotion is available for subsequent sessions booked from July 1st to  August  30th, 2013.

This promotion is available for both distance and in-clinic Traske healing method sessions, to help you easily schedule your healing time, while you seize all the adventures summer has to offer.

*Please leave your pets in their natural habitat for their session.

** This promotion may not be combined with any other promotion or coupon.

happy healing.


March & April 2013 Promotion

Spring is coming, and we at holistic health consulting welcome it along with the growing daylight.

Many people are drawn to do some Spring cleaning around their homes this time of year. We invite you to consider engaging in some holistic Spring cleaning, on all levels- including emotional, mental, and energy-healing.

This promotion is designed to assist with the letting go of old, limiting beliefs and symptoms, and learning new tools and resources for self-care and balanced living. TraskE healing method has many services to supplement and augment your wellness regime.

Starting March 1st, 2013 and going until the 30st of April 2013, holistic health consulting has a promotion going on on all TraskE healing method Distance services.

All Distance TraskE healing method sessions are Discounted 50% March & April 2013!

Yes! This promotion is available for subsequent TraskE healing method distance sessions, as availability allows.

Please feel free to contact Elizabeth Trask:, with your inquiries and to book your appointment.

*This promotional rate applies to all TraskE Healing Method distance sessions purchased & booked within the time line of March 1st and April 30th, 2013.

**This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion.

January & February 2013 Promotion

Introducing the first promotion of the year…

This promotion is designed to assist with promoting a balanced and healthy start to the calendar year. According to some philosophies; how something starts is often an indication of how it unfolds, and when it comes to setting the tone for a new year, holistic health consulting has many tools and resources to help you be an empowered creator of your excellent year.

Starting January 2nd 2013 until the 28th of February 2013, holistic health consulting has a promotion going on on all TraskE healing method services and Consultation services.

All TraskE healing method & Consultation services booked within the time period will receive a 25% discount!

This promotion is available for subsequent sessions, as availability allows.

This promotion is also available for distance sessions.

**These promotional rates apply to all TraskE Healing Method sessions and Consultation sessions purchased & booked within the time line of January 2nd and February 28th, 2013. This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion.

holiday self-care, why not? November 24, 2012

With the bustle of the holiday season picking up into full-swing, it can be easy to neglect our self-care, and wind up feeling depleted before our holidays even begin.

Why not make a commitment to yourself this year, and give yourself the gift of committed self-care, with supports?

When we give ourselves permission to take excellent care of ourselves, everything we do, from dishes to workplace productivity, is more joyful.

When we care for ourselves deliberately and lovingly we have more to give the people we care about, including us.

If you are looking for some ways to support your health over the holidays, may we suggest booking in with a holistic health consultant who can assist you with catering your self-care plan to your specific needs and lifestyle, encourage you in your progress, and help to expand your perspective and expectations about health and healing.

Holistic health consulting has an extraordinary promotion going on until the end of the year  (November & December 2012 Promotion), on all TraskE Healing Method services, that can make sharing the gift of supported wellness with yourself, and those you care about, even more enjoyable.

happy healing.


November & December 2012 Promotion

Introducing the last and most celebrated promotion of the year… the November and December 2012 Promotion!

From now until the end of the year (Last work day this year is the 29th of December, 2012), holistic health consulting has a promotion going on on all TraskE Healing Method services.

Each subsequent session you book, and purchase from now until the end of the year, you save more money per hour.

The sessions can be for you, or purchased for another person you care about, so long as they are purchased and booked in by December 29th, 2012.

First Session: $130/hour
Second Session: $110/hour
Third Session: $90/hour
Fourth Session: $70/hour

The duration of each session depends on how quickly your body moves through the session. Each subsequent session will be billed at the further reduced rate, to a maximum of 4 sessions, per person, per promotion.

**These promotional rates apply to all TraskE Healing Method sessions purchased & booked within the time line, and a limit of four, per person, per promotion, applies.

Full Moon intensity. September 27, 2012

Sometimes the week leading up to a full moon can feel a little intense.

This week I have had many patients describe some sense of tension or escalation in their bodies and minds.

If you are feeling a sense of  challenge, frustration, heavyness, irritation, or all-around Non-awesomeness, then it may be useful to make some time, to connect with yourself, and release your tension.

If you already have practical self-renewal strategies in place, then now may be a great time to put them into action.

Activities such as: Exercise, like walking, dancing, running, and yoga, or Creative expression like creative writing, music, and art, or Meditation, breathing exercises, and visualizations, can really help the body to restore its balance. Even making time to laugh can really help us to see a lighter side in more areas of our lives.

It seems that any self-care practices are especially effective with helping to restore balance, when they are practiced with the deliberate intent of nourishing and balancing your mind-body complex.  We can place positive focus or healing attention on our areas of tension,  and breathe ease into our experiences using the power of our imagination.

Maintaining a clear focus of why you are engaging in a particular self-care task, For example: A Focus of strengthening your core postural muscles, so that you are better able to support yourself, with a mindfulness that this strength and focus assists you on all levels of well-being.

This focused attention coupled with the benefits of the specific self-care activity also has the power to bring about a shift in perspective, which can ease any sense of burden, and restore the ease and gratitude we feel when we are operating in optimal balance.

If your coping strategies are not feeling adequate at the moment, or if you have some symptoms that you are having a challenging time releasing, you might be interested in booking a consultation with a holistic health consultant.

With the September & October Promotion going on, there has never been a more ideal time to learn ways to support yourself to feel good.

Today’s hhc affirmation: As I inhale a deep, slow breath, I breathe ease into my body. As I release my breath I release old patterns, and unloving beliefs. I smile at the contents of my mind. I am free.

Serving Suggestion:

Inhale a deep breath, slowly.

When you are ready, engage your breathing muscles to slowly exhale all your air. All of it.

When you are ready, inhale deeply and know that you are freely able to take in more life-breath. Notice a greater ease with taking more breath in, and releasing more complete breaths out. Feel free to smile as you notice good feelings. Feel free to smile at any thoughts you encounter.

Repeat Affirmation and breath cycle as many times as you find therapeutic, maybe start with 10 and see how that feels.