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Love for all

Here is some further evidence that Love is everywhere, and for everyone.

This is a picture of the better good store-front, located on Broadway, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. ( http://thebettergood.com/)

The better good store front in Saskatoon,   http://thebettergood.com/

The better good store-front, in Saskatoon.

I Love the imagery and the message.

Thanks for sharing your Love, better good store!

Love for all, indeed.

Love is for everyone.

affirmation: August 15, 2014

Today’s awesome affirmation:

I welcome Love into my heart, into my mind, and into every aspect of my being.

happy healing

affirmation: August 6, 2014

Today’s affirmation:

I open my awareness to all the Love that is available for me, in this moment.

happy healing.

affirmation: August 1, 2014

Today’s awesome affirmation:

I deserve to live as my most Loving, and well Loved self.

happy healing.

Love is real

Love is real.

I am so grateful for all the Love that I see in the world.

I am learning that when I open my awareness to Love, and set my mind to ‘tune-into’ Love, I am amazed at the abundance of Love that surrounds me.

I saw this "Love" ball in the windshield of a parked truck, while on a sunny walk in Vancouver yesterday. Awesome.

I saw this “Love” ball in the windshield of a parked truck, while on a sunny walk in Vancouver yesterday. Awesome.

I am noticing that Love, actually is everywhere.

Love is alive.  Sharing Love, in any way, even silently, helps it grow.

This year, in particular,  I am expanding my Love-sharing strategies, and I am opening up to an elevated, and deliberate self-Love focus.  I am learning new ways of deliberately sharing  Love with myself, and others.

One of the fun ways I have been sharing Love has been leaving Love notes everywhere I go, including: transit, airports, cafes, stores, schools, hospitals, and in my home and community.

I left this little 'Love unites all' note on the sign that directs passengers to the Baggage claim, at the Saskatoon international airport, earlier this Summer

I left this little ‘Love unites all’ note on the sign that directs passengers to the baggage claim, at the Saskatoon international airport, earlier this Summer

I am inviting myself, and I invite each and every one of you,  to re-enamour yourself, in your relationship, with your Self. Please find ways to nurture an inner-voice that is gentle, patient, and Loving.

Sometimes it is nice to spend some quality time with your Self, maybe enjoy some meditation, or perhaps, connect with your your body with some yoga, or maybe just find some quiet time, and open to some deep, slow breathing. Quality time with yourself helps strengthen your connection to your essential, innermost Self.

As you connect with your Self, and know your innermost Self more, with acceptance, patience, and Love, you stand to gain the ultimate gift, Self-Love.

I have noticed that people who are nurturing a healthy self-Loving relationship with themselves, are significantly more compassionate, patient, accepting, and Loving with others.  Self-Love is an excellent way to invest in all of your relationships: from professional, to family, and romantic.

If you find that you are having a challenging time connecting with your Self, or accepting and Loving yourself, it may be helpful to open- up to new ideas, practices, and resources. Please feel welcome to contact us, we would Love to collaborate on healing with you.

This Summer, I am inviting you to fall truly and deeply in love with yourself and be your own daily appreciator.

To help me fine-tune my Love focus, for the remainder of the Summer I will open my awareness to noticing the Love that surrounds me, and in hopes it may help you too, I will share some photos of the Love I manifest on my adventures.

I welcome you to share the Love you manifest in your adventures, too. Please feel free to post photos, notes,  and poems etc… in the comment section. We would Love to hear from you.

We wish happy healing, and harmonious Love-full self-discovery for all.

affirmation: July 19, 2014

Today’s timely affirmation:

 I manifest a joyful, easy relationship with time.

happy healing.

affirmation: July 18, 2014

Today’s affirmation:

I open my time to Love.

happy healing.

affirmation: July 5, 2014

Today’s affirmation:

I always have enough time for creative expression.

happy healing.

affirmation: July 4, 2014

Today’s timely affirmation:

I manifest easy, abundant time.

happy healing.

affirmation: June 28, 2014

Today’s affirmation:

I forgive my fears about time.

I am healing my mis-perceptions about time.

I am free.

happy healing.