Love is the most powerful force

holistic health consulting is a love-based business.

We believe love is unlimited. We believe love is real.

We believe Love helps nourish and heal.

We believe Love is the most powerful force.

If you immediately feel some inner resistance, skepticism or sarcasm in response to the above four lines, please consider allowing yourself the opportunity of reading on while suspending your judgement, even if only long enough to assess how the ideas presented Feel, in addition to any cognitive response you may experience.

We invite you to engage your courage and question  taken for granted beliefs or values at work in your life.

While we are aware that fear is a very powerful motivator, or un-motivator, in general, we believe that we are only limited by fear if we allow fear to control what we choose to do and feel. If we allow fear to limit us, and our beliefs about the (love in the) world, then fear is the power in our life.

We value accountability and authenticity in each sacred journey.

Self-Accountability & and Transparency are important tools to assist you with this approach.

Please consider taking a deep breath and affirming the following bullets:

  • I am not limited by the projected limiting beliefs of any other being.
  • I am the only person who can limit me.
  • I choose my beliefs and what I accept. I accept love as the most powerful force.
  • I know love is real.
  • I have the power to choose what motivates me, and I choose Love as my power and motivator.
  • I choose to believe love is real, unlimited, and accessible to me at all times.
  • I am always connected to Love, and there is always more Love for me.
  • I choose to make decisions only after connecting with my heart.

We believe you deserve to feel good. We believe you deserve to chose thoughts, ideas, and activities that help you to feel good.

We encourage you to remember to make frequent authentic contact with your innermost-self, and find your sacred truth.

Please also remember to notice if any of the filters or perspectives at work in your life Feel limiting, and can be shed, to nourish your inner garden of loving beliefs.

The above beliefs and values are brought to work in different and wonderful ways with each of the clinicians at holistic health consulting.

If you find yourself interested in some assistance nourishing loving beliefs, or identifying limiting filters or perspectives, please consider clicking on our Services tab to see if any of the Services at holistic health consulting feel interesting to you. Please feel free to Contact us, we would love to work with you.

Today’s hhc affirmation: Love is the most powerful force. I choose Love as the power in my life.  I choose to inhale Love with every breath. 

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