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Thank you so very much

A great big thank you going out to the Association of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Nurses, for their excellent contributions, participation, and kind feedback, on the presentation I shared last night, at BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital.
You are each so very awesome, and it was an honour to get to share my Love-based message with such passionate, and brilliant practitioners.
Thank you for your keen interest, and enthusiasm.
I am sending an extra special thanks to Kamal Bains, for inviting me to speak, and for being such a gracious host.

affirmation: October 16, 2013

Today’s self-praising affirmation:

 I let myself know I am doing an excellent job; frequently, and sincerely.

happy healing.

affirmation: August 31, 2013

Today’s forgiveness affirmation:

 I forgive myself for knowing better, and not always doing better, right away.

I am patient with my process, and I honour my sacred timing.

happy healing.

affirmation: August 28, 2013

Today’s affirmation:

I believe in my inner good. 

happy healing.



affirmation: July 27, 2013

Today’s Love-full affirmation:

I am doing such a good job.

I make time today to acknowledge and appreciate myself and my achievements.

happy healing.

affirmation: July 26, 2013

Today’s Love-full affirmation:

I release my guilt and shame with ease.

I am free to spread my wings and soar to new heights.

I now allow myself to succeed, and rise to a whole new level.

happy healing.

Introducing: mini-maintenance healing sessions

Introducing the TraskE healing method, mini-maintenance sessions.

This promotion is available to all clients who have had an initial Traske healing method session. This promotion is designed to provide a little feel-good booster for in-between sessions.

Scheduling and budgeting has never been easier, these little bite-sized healing sessions are available by distance, in 15, 30 or 45 minute bookings.

15 minutes = $30

30 minutes = $55

45 minutes = $75

Please contact us with your questions, and to secure your booking.

**This promotion may not be combined with any other promotions or coupons.

For full promotion details please  click here

 happy healing.

affirmation: July 6, 2013

Today’s Love-full affirmation:

I have all the right ingredients to feel awesome, and I do.


affirmation: July 4, 2013

Today’s Loving-belief nourishing affirmation:

I am open to amazing myself.

affirmation: July 3, 2013

Today’s Love-full affirmation:

I move in alignment with love. I breathe love into my body. I breathe love into my thoughts and feelings. I breathe love into ever action, and every interaction today.